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We help grow established eCommerce brands currently doing $50k+ per month in revenue past 6 and 7 figures with Google ads.

439+ eCommerce Brands Have Scaled Their Revenue With Yoru Marketing

Strategy. Execution. Scale.

We’re the DTC Google Ads agency known for scaling established eCommerce brands past those $50k, $100k, or $1M+ per month ceilings.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to strategizing around your current PPC plan, executing a new customized strategy , and reaping ultra high profits.

Don’t hire button clickers. Hire a team of ad strategists who know how to win on a big level.

Our results over the last year

Annual Client Revenue
$ 10 +
Adspend per year
$ 10 +
10 +

If you're like many of our eCommerce clients, we don't need to point out just HOW important getting a consistent stream of revenue is.

To keep revenue strong, you’ve probably invested heavily into Facebook or TikTok ads only to find yourself in a never-ending flow of new ad creatives or products.

Hiring agencies or freelancers to get the sales flowing probably lead to nothing but more disappointment since:

Your brand just isn’t scaling as smoothly as you’d like
Your sales trajectory = roller coaster ride
Your profits aren’t consistent at all
You have too much on your plate to focus on Google ads

Your brand deserves more.

Your brand is worth much more than basic PPC strategies and a once-a-week optimization session. For your eCom brand to achieve the next level of scale with consistency, it needs the right kind of attention and strategies.

We do just that. A fully custom and tailored approach that fits your brand.

Why Ecommerce Brands Strive To Work With Us

Experienced Human

We don’t believe AI or any kind of software can take over the customizations needed to make Google Ads work. We align all our strategies based on experience to figure out what your brand responds to the best.

All while abiding by Google’s Policies.

Complete Transparency

Our team has been trained to give you a real view into how your eCommerce brand is doing. This leaves no room for fluff.

Whether it’s good news or bad, we’ll be the first ones to tell you. This allows good performance to be made better and bad performance to be fixed quickly.

Performance Based Contracts

Screw those long term contracts; work on a month to month basis with us based on your satisfaction levels.

Most eCommerce brands that work with us start to see results in the first one to three months. We believe in giving the algorithm just the right amount of time to scale. Our FAQs section goes further into this.

A-Z Reporting

Weekly reports and regular communication that keeps you up to date with all metrics that matter to your business.

Our team has been trained to customize the columns within Google Ads based on different attribution model. View our sample weekly report here.

Real Strategies

No more ‘testing’ strategies at your expense, like most other agencies do. We use strategies derived from our own eCommerce brands to help you scale.

It’s all based on implementing a strategy that best suits your brand and scaling it up based on real data.

What We Do

Google Ads

Your job as a CEO / CMO / other marketing head is to grow the business.

And once we begin work together, our job is to grow your Google ads results. And we do this because we live and breathe Google ads.

All internal strategies created by Shri Kanase himself and based on over $50m worth of Google ads spend.

Bing Ads

We’ll get you scaling on one of the most underutilized ad platforms out there.

Real ad strategies designed specially for Bing ads but custom tailored to fit your brand and its needs.

Facebook Ads Retargeting

There’s no need to make running your eCommerce business harder than it already is.

Forget having to deal with Meta ad’s constant fluctuations and other issues (at least for retargeting).

Along with Google Ads and Bing Ads management, Facebook Ads (retargeting only) is also included with our service. 

Values Over Everything

Yoru Marketing was founded on six core values—and they are infused into all our work and internal operations

Leave an Impact

We crave to leave an impact with any brand we work with.

Whether that be through effective ad strategies that last a lifetime or through consistent communication that helps the brand CEOs / CMOs feel heard, we strive to do it all.

In the fast paced eCommerce world, there’s no time for bullshi*.

We aim towards portraying things the way they are, whether that be our suggestions regarding the business as a whole or the current results through our work.

There’s no time to beat around the bush as our main goal is to win.

With any brand we partner up with, we’re focused on achieving three wins:

> A win for our client

> A win for our team member

> A win for our agency

We truly believe that our team and agency can only win when the client wins first. And we give it our 200% to make ALL our clients win.

Over at Yoru Marketing, we’re a tightly knit team of experts who live, eat, and breathe Google ads.

And our philosophy is that the more we work together, we more we grow together.

We’re firm believers in the fact that every single action, no matter how small or big, shapes the way your life ends up.

And because of that, we strive to take every single action that works to the benefit of our clients, no matter how small or big.

We want to take decisions that will have an impact for a lifetime.

Let’s be honest – nobody ever remembers the person that came #2 or #3.

For every single Yoru Marketing team member, the main goal is to be #1.

The best in terms of Google ads knowledge and the best in terms of effective communication.

Know your real margins & numbers

Many eCommerce brands end up struggling to scale with Google ads because they don’t know their true margins. And reality is, if you don’t know your real margins, you don’t have a real business.

Our automated profit analysis spreadsheet is designed to give you a holistic view into your real numbers & take the guess work away.

Our Success Stories

Here’s some of the biggest eCommerce brands we scaled.

More Brands We've Scaled

We don’t only teach but we also do what we teach. This puts us at the top of the industry and lets us refine our skills daily.

Why Yoru Marketing?

In the large pool of over-the-top promises, we actually get real results with Google ads.

Other Agencies

Yoru Marketing

What Our Clients Say

Ready to do this thing? Here’s how we make it happen.

Get Started Quickly & Easily

Yoru Marketing was founded on four core values—and they shape our work and our operations


Fill out this form and book a time; lets talk about your current situation and overall dreams and goals for your eCom business. (Only businesses doing $40k/mo+ are eligible)

Action Plan

Lets take what you’ve said and your current results to create a step by step action plan for your business. (You keep this even if we don’t work out).


The strategy plan can start to be implemented in as little as 7 days after we begin. While established eCom stores can see results within 25 days, it’s best to give it 1 – 2 months to see accurate results.

More Brands We've Scaled

We don’t only teach but we also do what we teach. This puts us at the top of the industry and lets us refine our skills daily.

Ready to grow your sales?

If you run an eCommerce store doing $40k/mo+ and want us to scale your brand to the next level, schedule a call with us.

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