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Strategy. Execution. Scale.

We’re the DTC digital marketing agency known for scaling established eCommerce businesses past those $50k, $100k, or $1M+ per month ceilings without sacrificing profits. At the end of the day, it all comes down to strategizing around your current PPC plan, executing a newly developed strategy based on a customized plan, and reaping ultra high profits.

If you're like many of our eCommerce clients, we don't need to point out just HOW important getting a consistent stream of revenue is.

You’ve most likely spent valuable advertising budget on Facebook Ads or Tik Tok Ads or a variety of other Ad platforms without much consistent success. In fact, it might have even felt like you were chasing winning product after winning product without building a sustainable eCommerce brand. 

As a way to battle this, you might have already invested in some other agency or freelancer only to find out that they needed too much micro managing and could not do what you had hoped for since:

Your business is worth much more than basic PPC strategies and an once-a-week optimization session. For your eCommerce brand to achieve the next level of scale with consistency, it needs the right kind of attention and strategies. It needs Google Ads marketers who can not only customize an approach, but also tweak it over and over until it shatters the profit charts.

Yoru Marketing, the best eCommerce Google ads agency, is changing the game of PPC and is here to stand with you side by side to destroy those revenue targets and help you create a world-renowned brand.

Why Ecommerce Brands Strive To Work With Us

PPC Ecommerce Agency

Experienced Human

All PPC campaigns are monitored by a real person trained directly by Shri Kanase. In many cases, Shri himself will be the one creating the ad copies and launching both the shopping as well as search campaigns.

We ensure all the strategies implemented on your ad account abide by Google's Policies to prevent Google merchant center or ad account suspensions. As an eCommerce Google Ads digital marketing agency, it's our goal to ensure all client stores follow the policies.

Google Ads

Complete Transparency

You see exactly what's going on in your ad account with full access. The weekly and monthly reports we send not only contain all the important metrics and data, but also show exactly how we derive these numbers.

Our team has been trained to customize the columns within Google Ads based on the attribution model used (last click, linear, data driven, etc.). Unlike other Shopify eCommerce marketing agencies, we build you a strong foundation before spending a single penny on ads.

Ecommerce Ads

Performance Based Contracts

No long term contracts; continue working with us based on a month to month basis. However, for best results when it comes to Google Ads, a period of three months is ideal.

Majority of clients start to see results within the first month of operation but Google Ads is a search based platform; it requires time to start producing results at full power. Our FAQs section goes further into this.

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A-Z Reporting

All the reporting will contain accurate numbers down to the cent regardless of the industry you're in. The Yoru Marketing team sends out weekly and monthly reports which contain all important aspects regarding your business.

From every cent spent on ads to the exact CPC, CPA, or ROAS, the reports cover it all. Best part of all, our customized reporting metrics give you a personalized outlook into performance. View our sample weekly report here.

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Real Strategies

Forget having someone who has barely run ads work on your store. The strategies we use come from our own eCom stores and other service based businesses with $1M+ adspend done JUST on testing.(There's a reason why we're considered the #1 eCommerce Google Ads digital marketing agency).

No more having random strategies run on your ad account and ruin overall optimization. All our advertising strategies have been proven to work regardless of industry or niche; we just need to pick one which suits your eCom brand or service based business the best.

Our Success Stories

Yoru Marketing is always working with some of the biggest eCommerce brands in the world. Checkout some of the most memorable wins below.

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Get Started Quickly & Easily

With just three simple steps, we’ll have your PPC campaigns creating havoc in the market.


Fill out this form and book a time; lets talk about your current situation and overall dreams and goals for your eCom business. (Only businesses doing $40k/mo+ are eligible)

Action Plan

Lets take what you've said and your current results to create a step by step action plan for your business. (You keep this even if we don't work out - example of this at the bottom of our contact us page).


The strategy plan can start to be implemented in as little as 7 days after we begin. While established eCom stores can see results within 25 days, it's best to give it 1 - 2 months to see accurate results.

You come to us with the hopes of scaling your eCom store.

We analyze your store or business and create a Google Ads plan while you free up your time to focus on other things.

We begin implementation of the ‘already proven’ ad strategies.
You start to see a HEAVY increase in overall sales and profitability.
You’re filled with happiness and aspirations for your ultra profitable and consistent brand.
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Our Brand Partners

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I went from knowing nothing about Google Ads to running a Shopify eCommerce store that has generated over $100,000 just via Google Ads. Shri Kanase and his team here at Yoru Marketing are life changers and that’s no joke.
Lost my job last year in the restaurant industry due to what was going on in the world but the things I learned from Shri and his Shopify marketing agency helped me do just over 6 figures with Google Adwords. He knows his Google Ads stuff.
Trevor Z
I already had a store running before I approached Shri Kanase and his team. We went from relying on the ups and downs of Facebook Ads to running a profitable business JUST via Google. Highly recommend his Google Ads agency.
Jon P

Revenue Generated

Over $7 Million Dollars Generated for our eCommerce clients and other service based businesses through Google Ads advertising.


Clients Helped


Team Members


Total Ad Spend


Revenue Generated

Founder Shi Kanese

Meet Our Founder

Shri Kanase is the original founder of Yoru Marketing. After running his own e-commerce brands and growing them to multi 7-figures per year, he decided to work directly with other eCommerce brands. He currently runs Google Ads for some of the biggest eCom stores in the world. Reach out to us and your store might be the next!

Values Over Everything

Values Over Everything

Yoru Marketing was founded in four core values—and they shape our work and our operations.


Simply put, it’s not enough to just put your head down and work or get results. You need to care. To have compassion. As a human being. You have to care about your team members and every single account you handle.

That's our philosophy and something we abide by every single day. We want to help YOU scale your eCommerce business to new levels.


There is nothing more important to us over here at Yoru Marketing than truth and honesty.

If something is going great, we’re the first ones to notify the clients about its impact. If something else isn’t so well, we’re also the first ones to notify the clients and provide a real view of the situation. If we mess something up, we take immediate responsibility.


Having faith in our own skills, in our own team, in our abilities to deliver, in our drive to fight all odds is a core value of our team. We put all our focus into your account and ensure you're aware of what's going on at all times.


How do we do more? How do we perform better? How do we keep our clients happier? How do we work together better? Responsibility allows us to constantly look for ways to improve ourselves and to serve better.

There’s no such thing as “That’s not my job.” over here at Yoru. We do our best to influence the world as we are responsible for our own growth.

Value Drops By Shri Kanase

Word From Our Clients

Commonly Asked Questions

Who do we work with?

Simply put, we have a reputation to uphold and results to reach. Our ideal brand partner is an eCommerce store that has been doing $40,000+ per month in revenue. We simply come in and we scale that to the next level.

Our service fees start at $3,000 per month.

Why are we the best Google Ads Agency in the U.S?

We're the fastest growing AND the best eCommerce Google Ads agency because of our drive towards profitability. We treat profits as the #1 goal for all our clients and set realistic expectations right from the get-go. This lets us achieve the expected results 99% of the time.

Will using our services break the bank?

Our service fees are fully customized on a case to case basis. On average, our fees start at $3,000 as we not only handle Google Ads for you, but also do Facebook Ads retargeting and Bing Ads. This is followed by landing page optimizations.

What metrics do we mostly track?

Our team here at Yoru Marketing is trained to extract important data from all metrics however, we do have a few favorites. Some of these include CPC, CPP, ROAS, and Search Impression share. These metrics give us direction.

How do we optimize the Google Ads campaigns?

We optimize them based on the last 14 days to 30 days worth of data. Google Ads is a search based platform; it requires time to properly allocate not only the purchases, but also the actual data which the algorithm uses to improve performance.

Why not just run your own eCommerce brands if your strategies work so well?

Our founder, Shri Kanase, has successfully run multiple 7-figure brands and to this day, has stores he runs. In addition, many of our team members are those who have run their own eCom stores in the past.

The strategies which we implement on your ad accounts get tested on our personal brands first. Lower risk for you.

Do we guarantee any kinds of results?

The word' guarantee' is a very strong word and in our opinion, should not be used in business. There are too many unknown factors in business that can change the trajectory of it within seconds. However, we do guarantee that we'll create a realistic goal right from the beginning and use working ad strategies that have worked time and time again after thousands of tests.

This alone increases the overall chances of success to around 99%.

What makes you any different than the gazillion Google Ad agencies out there?

In a marketplace where agencies are boasting their "jack of all trades" culture, we strive to have only one focus: Google Ads. Not only are we content creators on Google Ads strategies on Youtube, but we also run our own eCom brands. This keeps us in direct connection with you, our client, as it gives us a feeling that we're spending our own money when we run your ads.

More personalization to fit your needs and desires and less robotic automation.

How much experience do you have with Google Ads and eCom?

Shri Kanase, our founder, started off his career selling on eBay at a tender age of 12. At the time, he did this to get enough cash for video games. This slowly evolved into him running his own stores and doing over $100k before he reached 20. As of now, Shri Kanase and the entire Yoru Marketing team has over 6 figures of ad spend experience with Google.

Simply put, we live, eat, and breathe Google Ads.

Are we just a floating bird in the sky or do we actually have goals and values as a team?

I'm glad you asked. We strictly believe in the art of values and purpose because they give meaning to what we do and who we are. Four of the biggest values ALL Yoru Marketing team members abide by include honesty, faith, responsibility, and compassion.

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