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In times of change and uncertainty, there has been a changing demand in the way customers buy online. To survive in the digital market, Ecommerce store owners have no choice but to adapt to these changes. One of these changes includes the new campaign type that Google ads just released, the Performance Max Campaign. With this tool, Google can use its algorithm to take control of changes and generate leads to drive online sales. 

Performance Max Campaigns utilize a range of different automation and machine learning algorithms with overall data inputs to assist advertisers in achieving their conversion goals. With a significant reach across Google Ads’ inventory, you can combine your advertising efforts into one place with a Performance Max Campaign. Using machine learning, relevant ads can be presented to a larger audience and improve your ad campaign ROI. 

As a result, more customers will see your ads and conversions will skyrocket. In addition, this automated campaign type offers rich insights into your Shopify or eCommerce store’s online data tracking. You can plan, monitor, and execute specific campaign goals to maximize your online performance and boost online sales with these profound insights. 

Check out our Founder Shri Kanse’s video outlining how the new Google Performance Max Campaigns can benefit your eCommerce store here

How Will Google’s Performance Max Campaigns Benefit Your eCommerce Store?

  1. Run a Single Ad Campaign Across Multiple Platforms 
  2. Find New Customers + Audience Segments 
  3. Gain Richer Insight
  4. Increase Conversion Rates By Showing Ads To Optimized Audiences Based On Previous Data

Run a Single Ad Campaign Across Multiple Platforms 

With a Performance Max Campaign, you can promote your eCommerce store across all Google Ads inventory platforms. This means you don’t have to worry about separate display or search campaigns. Instead, expand your reach and run your ads on YouTube, Display Ads, Search, Discover, Gmail, and even Google Maps. With one campaign, you can advertise across various platforms and increase the number of people seeing your ads. With more impressions, you can scale further and faster than before. 

Find New Customers + Audience Segments 

Discover the ability to find new customers in unseen audience segments online. Using Google’s up-to-date automated understanding of user intent, behavior, and context, you can advertise in the right places, at the right time, all with relevant content. Google uses the data extracted from your customers or site visitors to feed its algorithm and make sure your ads appear at the right moments. In addition, as mentioned above, because you can advertise over multiple different platforms with a single Performance Max Campaign, new audience niches can be unlocked and tapped into. 

Gain Richer Insight

Get more out of your data insights with a Performance Max Campaign. This automated campaign type provides a rich understanding of looking at your eCommerce store’s online data. Various key insights are presented on the Google Performance Max Campaign dashboard, including a weekly overview, overall conversion increase percentage, overall cost per percentage, average CPA, and many more. 

Increase Conversion Rate 

In today’s dynamic digital market, automation is key in predicting shifts in consumer behavior. By staying one step ahead, you can secure new conversions in real-time by enhancing your budget and bids across multiple platforms. Shopify and eCommerce stores using this campaign type can promote themselves across all of Google Ads channels. 

This opens up the opportunity to capture more customers from different niches, leading to more conversions. 

With Google’s Performance Max Campaign, eCommerce stores can select a marketing objective and the appropriate conversion goals to meet targets. Automated bid adjustments will help you get closer to your eCommerce goals by setting and adjusting bids to maximize conversions. According to Google, advertisers using a Performance Max Campaign saw a 13% average increase in total conversions at a similar cost per action. 

Benefits of a Google Performance Max Campaign 

As an eCommerce store owner, there are several benefits to implementing a Performance Max Campaign in your business. As discussed, with this campaign type, you can reach over multiple different platforms with your ads, all from a single campaign. This opens up the opportunity to access a greater scope of people online while consolidating your efforts into one place. 

There is no need to spend a bunch of time creating different campaigns with Google’s Performance Max Ads, as everything operates under one umbrella. With richer insights into the data, you can accelerate the launch of your campaigns and get results faster. 

Another significant benefit to Performance Max Campaigns is its goal-orientated nature. As outlined by Google, their primary objective in Performance Max Ads is to help businesses meet a specific goal outlined at the start of the campaign. For example, you may want to increase the number of visitors to your Shopify store and increase interest in your brand before launching a new product. 

With the help of Google insights, you’ll be able to see which ads are performing well to capture new customers and use it to drive conversions down the line. 

It will benefit your eCommerce store to run Performance Max Campaigns alongside your current advertising channels. i.e., a Smart Shopping Campaign. With other standard campaigns running in the background, they work together with Performance Max Ads to feed data, optimize content and accelerate results. 

You will need to run your Performance Max Campaign, or other campaigns, for at least four weeks to incorporate Google Ads Conversion Tracking and see results. 

Do keep in mind that a dual-campaign approach will give the algorithm more control. If you are unsure about what this means, it’s recommended you approach a Google Ads Agency specialist to guide your online efforts. If you are an eCommerce store making $30,000+ a month in sales and you want to use Google Ads in your marketing strategy, find a good Google Ads Agency to help you. 

Find out how to choose the best Google Ads Agency for your eCommerce store here, or get in touch with the team at Yoru Marketing today! View Shri Kanase’s other videos here.

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