7 Google Ads Optimization Tips

I’m about to say something that could potentially trigger a large part of the audience.


Google Ads is a hard platform to master. Now I say this because I’ve been working solely with Google Ads for the past 3 years and I’ve almost learned something new every single day.

Yoru Marketing eCommerce PPC Client Results

I’ve learned many things during this journey and down below, I’ll be sharing the seven MAJOR hacks I learned when it comes to Google Ads campaign optimization.

Some Google Ads tips and tricks which helped me do over $5M+ for my own eCommerce brands as well as client brands combined. At the very end, I also cover these tips in a video.

Campaign Bids

Regardless of whether you’re running Google Shopping ads or Google Search ads, you always want to focus your attention on choosing a bid that’s based on the product price. There are many factors that contribute to the overall success of the Google Ads account however, when it comes to the campaigns directly, bids take the win.

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Google Ads – effective targeting and scaling methods for ROI.

Bing Ads – dominating the market of a fairly untouched platform.

Facebook Ads (Retargeting) – helping stop the leaks from all sides of the bucket, especially with retargeting.

Over here at Yoru Marketing, specifically for our clients, we use special formulas to determine what the ideal bid would be for campaigns. The formulas are as follows:

Product Price – Payment Processing Fees – COGS – Shipping Fees = BCPA

BCPA * Conversion Rate = Breakeven CPC

Yoru Marketing Google Ads Campaign Bid Formula

Once you have these two key identifiers down, it becomes easy to know exactly what you should bid based on the products individually or even with the campaign as a whole. Next time you’re optimizing your Google Ads campaigns or creating brand new ones, keep these two major formulas in mind.

Regular Optimizations

When it comes to some of the major advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, eCommerce marketers think more is better. They are often in the trenches daily trying to make changes that’ll hopefully lead their campaigns into profitability. However, if you come with a similar mindset to Google Ads, it won’t take long before your entire ad account is in ruins.

It might seem like I’m exaggerating but trust me, Google Ads accounst need your patience. Ideally, for new ad accounts, you want to only make any significant changes after the campaign has spent at least $200 or run for at least a full seven days. That might seem like a long time but if you run your PPC campaigns at realistic budgets, running them for an extended period of time should not be an issue at all.

One of the biggest Google Ads optimization tips I can give you is to optimize multiple things on the same day. This means if you’re wanting to exclude some keywords and products, do it on the same day. Once every seven days or so.

Product Layout

The days of cramming everything inside one campaign are officially gone. Do that in 2022 and onwards and you risk confusing the algorithm entirely to the point that none of your products are getting the attention they deserve.

Instead, you want to place all corresponding products into their own campaigns. If we pretend that you run an eCommerce store revolving around all kinds of baby products, this would mean that baby socks go inside one campaign while baby beanies go inside another. Simple and organized.


With smart shopping campaigns, you don’t have the option to set an actual bid. This means that your campaigns are fully functioning on the mercy of the Google Ads algorithm. To battle this effectively, there’s not much you can do or control.

What I have realized from personal experience is often, a Google Ads smart shopping campaign will perform better if you let it do whatever it wants. And that means leaving the “TROAS” box fully unchecked. This will help the campaign go out and find the right kind of audience it needs.

Yoru Marketing Google Ads Smart Campaign Bidding

Keyword Optimizations

Think of a Google Ads campaign as your home. Would you clean your home consistently or would you let your home rot in the dust and mold that it accumulates over an extended period of time?

With Google, it’s the same story. You need to be optimizing your campaign every few days to get rid of the ‘dust and mold’ that has accumulated within. This means getting rid of all bad keywords which have little to nothing to do with the things you sell. Simply put, if you’re trying to sell ‘apples’, don’t rank for keywords related to ‘oranges’.

Keyword Optimizations (2.0)

This aspect of keyword optimization applies to all eCommerce brands regardless of how expensive your products are; kill the bad keywords by $10 – $20 or so in ad spend.

If you’re ever looking the keywords section of your Google Ads campaign, scroll all the way down and look at the sheer volume of keywords your products are. Chances are, depending on how long your campaign has been running, you’ll be ranking for thousands of keywords, even if you sell 10 products.

Yoru Marketing Google Ads Keywords Optimization

It’s not ideal to spend up to the profit margin per product as you’ll end up spending a fortune trying to test every keyword to the max. The video below goes further into detail with this as well.

Display Network

One thing I’ve done over the past 3 years is spend over 6 figures (almost 7) testing the different kinds of placements out. And time and time again, we’ve gotten the same result, especially with display network.

Leaving the display network checked is as good as signing your money away. Always make sure the display network box is unchecked because this network leads to extremely low quality traffic

To see all of the concepts mentioned above in action, please watch the video below.

7 Google ADs Optimization Tips for shopping as in 2022

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