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Responsive Search Ads Structure For Ecommerce

With expanded text ads completely getting removed from the Google Ads platform mid-2022, it only makes sense to become more aware of responsive search ads and how they function. And trust me when I say that these aren’t easy to break down.

Yoru Marketing Responsive Search Ads For Ecommerce

In this post, we’re going to be going over the exact responsive search ads structure that I developed after handling over $3M in ad spend for my own eCom stores as well as client stores’.


I’m going to be dividing this structure into two separate categories: number one, headlines and number two, descriptions. Based on my experience, these two things make up the entirety of the responsive search ads and influence the overall results they get.

Lets start of with the headlines for the responsive search ads.

Starting with the basics; it’s important to understand that Google Ads gives you the ability to test 15 different headlines. These headlines, along with the different descriptions, will get tested consistently until Google Ads can pinpoint that perfect combination. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that using up all of these slots would result in a large number of variations.

Unless you’re running your responsive search ad at a large budget ($200+/d), it would not be budget friendly to use up all these slows as low budgets would take a long time for the responsive search ad to find its winner. And lets be honest; many of us don’t have an extra $200 to throw into these search ads daily.

So what should you do instead?

Out of these 15 headline slots, I recommend that you use up only seven or eight slots. This would give you a wide enough scope to not only test different styles out, but also find that winning variation without breaking the bank. So include some of the main keywords within these seven to eight slots and ensure your ad copy is excellent.

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Similarly to headlines, Google Ads also provides a set limit to how many different variations of descriptions you can have. In total, Google Ads gives you the ability to have four different descriptions.

But the strategy stays the same; do not use up all four slots.

Ideally, you want to have only two to three different descriptions to go with the seven to eight different headlines you created earlier. Ensure that you do proper copywriting for both the headlines and descriptions for maximum impact.

For those interested in the video version of the post above, the video is attached below. You can also contact us and book a free call with our team (if you’re doing $30,000+ per month) to see if we can possibly help create responsive search ads and more for your eCommerce business.

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