When Should You Hire a Google Ads Agency?

When Should You Hire a Google Ads Agency?

Running your own Google Ads campaigns can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. 

Despite trying to save money by doing the work yourself, you end up wasting valuable time and draining your advertising budget on ads that don’t work. 

There comes a point in your marketing campaigns where you have to scale, uncover new opportunities, and maximize your ROI. This is where the right Google Ads agency can make your life easier. 

The agency that you choose to work with should mirror your business’s values and goals. In fact, the right agency will serve as an extension of your business.

If you are currently finding it difficult to manage your own Google Ads campaigns, it might be time to hire a professional ad agency. Not only that, you could be looking to scale, spend more time on other facets of your business, or get more time away from the computer. 

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There are many reasons why you should hire an ad agency to manage your PPC campaigns. Below, we will dive into these points, but first – we will discuss how you can find the perfect ad agency for your ecommerce store in general. 

Finding the Perfect Agency for Your Business

When outsourcing the management of your Google Ad campaigns, make sure to choose a company that has some prior experience working with clients in your industry. 

You wouldn’t pay someone to manufacture your products if they had never manufactured anything like that before. Why would you do the same for your ads?

There are expert advertisers out there; you just have to find them. Look for agencies with proven experience in your industry. 

The worst thing you can do is hire an agency with a lack of experience. If you do this, you will become their test dummy. These advertisers will soak up your ad budget by just throwing #$%^ on the walls and seeing what sticks. 

It’s like what I always say; these agencies test on your dime to improve their own tactics.

You don’t want that. Otherwise, pretty soon, your Google Ads campaigns are going to stink even worse than they did before you hired someone. 

Not only do you want them to have industry experience, but you also want them to have prior success in running their own profitable ad campaigns. 

Find an agency that has successfully run ads for its own products or services. These are the agencies that truly know what works. 

They fought on the PPC battlegrounds, running A/B tests to find the perfect strategy. They’ve spent hours in the trenches developing systems for success. They spent their own valuable dollars to learn what works and what doesn’t. 

They won’t use guesswork to succeed; instead, they will implement tried and true methods to improve your ad campaigns. 

When you consider hiring an ad agency, ask to see their past results first and foremost. Results from clients in a similar industry to yours, and results from their own personal Google Adwords accounts. 

Be wary of ad agencies that do not have prior results. An agency that talks the talk without walking the walk will often go inside your ad account and end up causing more harm than good. 

Size Really Does matter…

You also need to decide if you would prefer to work with a smaller ad agency in your local area or a bigger ad agency that works on a global scale. 

Businesses that sell products or services in their local area should look for a nearby agency with experience marketing to local customers. If you have a local competitor who excels in Google Ads, try to find the agency they are using. 

Larger agencies don’t have as much of a local focus. They can be more expensive for service providers, and they are often preoccupied with higher-paying accounts. 

When deciding what parts of your Google Ads campaign that you want to outsource, consider all of the components below:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign setup
  • Ad Content – Copy, design, high quality images, and videos.
  • Reporting and Auditing
  • Ad Campaign monitoring
  • Adjusting campaigns as per Google’s latest algorithms. 

In a perfect world, each of these areas can be handled by the right agency partner. Be sure to clarify what facets of your advertising campaigns you want them to manage for you. 

What a Good Google Ads Agency Can Help You With

When you employ someone to manage your Google AdWords campaigns, they should be able to conduct all the preliminary research to assist you. You want them to help you identify your target market and examine your competitors. 

Agencies don’t just let an advertisement run automatically after it is set up, either. An expert agency continuously tracks your engagement, conversions, and goals to assess the effectiveness of the campaigns

To ensure that you’re getting the highest return on ad spend (ROAS), they continue to evaluate the effects of each and every adjustment.

What a good agency should provide for you:

  1. Define who you want to reach (audience)
  2. Set clear metrics to measure your success
  3. Put your ads in front of your target audience and increase conversions
  4. Implement campaigns to achieve your business goals
  5. Report on and manage your Google Ad campaigns 

That’s not all a good agency does, though. 

A good agency also communicates well, keeps you updated on the campaign’s progress, and offers suggestions for improvements based on deep market knowledge. 

A good firm will keep an eye on your Google Ads campaign while searching for additional advertising options to offer you more visitors and boost your ROI.

How to Know If Your Google Ads Agency is Performing Well

The primary objective of any ad campaign should be to increase sales.

Knowing the metrics that indicate success will help you sift through bull**** and ensure that the agency that you hire is performing.

There are five key things that you can look at inside your ad campaigns to measure success, Impressions, Ad Clicks, CTR, Conversions, and Conv. value / cost (ROAS)

A key to having a successful relationship with your Google Ads Agency is to define what success looks like to you. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What does a conversion look like to you? Most likely, you want someone to buy your products or sales. 
  • Does it also count as a conversion if someone only visits your website as a result of your advertisement? 
  • Does the visitor need to complete a form, make a phone call, schedule a job, or do anything else for it to be considered a success? 

When you chat with your agency partner, agree on what success looks like to you both. Talk about your metrics for success and your business goals. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and they can help you in the best way possible. 

If you are unsure about your goals, sit down with your agency of choice and speak to them about the goals you would like to set. 

Now that you have an idea of what to look for when hiring an agency, let’s go over the benefits of hiring a Google Ads Agency. 

7 Reasons to Hire a Google Ads Agency

One of the main questions you may have before selecting an ad agency is: 

“Why should I pay you when I can run my own Google Ads campaign?”  

This question is extremely valid. 

You want to ensure your hard earned dollars are spent in the right place. You may even already have a good understanding of how Adwords works, or potentially have had some great results from running campaigns yourself. 

Despite those things, an experienced Google Ads agency can bring a lot of added value to your online business or eCommerce store. 

The main reason for hiring an agency is that you need to take care of much more urgent matters. After all, you are a business owner and not just a Google ads advertiser. 

Would you do payroll, bookkeeping, cold-calling, and inventory checks on your own, as well as handle the day-to-day activities needed to keep the doors open? 

Not if you are trying to run an efficient business. 

So why not choose an expert to run your ads for you? 

Below, we will discuss the top reasons for hiring an ad agency:

1. To keep up with Google Ads’ frequent updates and algorithm changes

2. Time is your Most Valuable Resource – Free up more of it. 

3. Increase the number of potential customers coming to your website or store

4. Increase Sales, Leads, and Conversion Rates

5. Innovative and Creative Advertising for your Brand

6. Lower Your Advertising Budget

7. Leave your advertising campaigns in the hands of the experts.

                                                                                                                                                                                        1. To keep up with Google Ads’ frequent updates and algorithm changes

Google Ads is a dynamic, living system that is constantly evolving. Maintaining your knowledge of what’s new requires time, and failing to do so could result in money wasted.

Daily updates are made to Google’s algorithms. The search engine also implements major changes called “core updates” each year. Google’s major core updates are meant to improve users’ search experiences by delivering more accurate and dependable advertisements. 

To stay on top of your competition and continue to scale your advertising efforts, you need a plan to adjust your campaigns whenever updates are made. 

A good ad agency should have their finger on Google’s pulse. They should be aware of upcoming algorithm changes and have a plan to combat the downside that your business feels from these changes. 

They should also have ideas about how your business can capitalize on new changes to Ad campaigns.  

When you hire someone who has experience running successful Google Ads campaigns, you can rest easy knowing that this expert will be in your account optimizing your campaigns weekly. 

A professional Google Ads expert will monitor keyword performance and build up your campaigns so you are consistently obtaining the best results for your marketing budget – as opposed to setting up the campaigns and forgetting about them.

Unless you have a lot of time to spend understanding Google’s constant stream of new products and advertising methods, you are going to get left behind. 

Selecting an agency to manage your campaigns means you can leave the nitty gritty adwords stuff to an expert, freeing yourself up to do what you do best. 

This brings us to the next major benefit: saving time. 

2. Time is your Most Valuable Resource – Free up more of it. 

Money comes and goes. But, time – time is the only non-renewable resource in your life. You don’t ever get more of it. The clock is ticking towards zero. Are you using it effectively?

Owners and employees devote a lot of their time to ensure the successful running of a business. Trying to manage your ad campaigns in-house can divert attention away from crucial business operations. 

Why spend all day managing Google ad campaigns when you could be out acquiring more customers or increasing your sales?

Running ad campaigns is a time consuming task. It is repetitive and needs frequent monitoring. If you split your time, the business can suffer and you might even miss out on family time. 

Simply put, many small companies lack the resources—time, money, or knowledge—to run their own advertising campaigns. An agency with proven results could manage your ad campaigns with much more success and efficiency. 

3. Increase the number of potential customers coming to your website or store

Your company is one of the millions of companies on Google already. 

Likely, there are thousands of competitors in your specific niche – all offering similar products and services. How do you stand out amongst the noise? How do you get found by potential customers? 

Knowing which PPC terms to concentrate on requires expert research and experience – especially when there are billions of searches made on Google’s platforms each day.

A Google Ads expert should be able to find your customers amidst the wave of searches and put your ads in front of the people most likely to convert.  

A good agency will assist you in crafting high-quality content and picking appropriate keywords so that you draw more qualified traffic to your website. 

It sounds simple, I know, but you would be surprised how many businesses overlook this. 

They run ads without any keyword or target market research and create campaigns with content that does not relate to their potential customers. Then, they wonder why they are struggling to get any traffic to their site, let alone qualified traffic or sales. 

It is impossible to achieve your goal of more sales and a higher conversion rate if you have no traffic to convert in the first place. 

An ad agency can work wonders for your company’s expansion, especially when it comes to acquiring more customers at a lower cost. They should be able to thoroughly research your ideal customers and then implement ad campaigns to directly target them. 

Once your agency helps you to increase the number of potential customers, you should see an increase in sales and conversion rates. 

This brings us to our next key benefit.

4. Increase Sales, Leads, and Conversion Rates

As we said earlier, sales are the most important metrics for any advertising campaign.

If you are paying someone to implement and manage your ad campaigns for you, you want them to bring more money and relevant traffic into your business. 

Getting visitors to your website is obviously important, but the next step is turning them into customers. An ad agency that is worth its salt should be able to create ads that convert. 

They need to be able to write copy that captures attention and create graphics that your target market is drawn to. By creating a strong impression, the chances of turning any visitor into a sale soar. 

​​You can relax knowing that an expert Google Ads agency will be in your account as much as needed, tweaking your campaigns and optimizing your ads for success.

A professional Google Ads expert will monitor keyword performance, see how the ads are performing, and build up your campaigns so you are consistently obtaining the best results for your marketing budget. 

5.  Innovative and Creative Advertising for your Brand

In our digital world, consumers are exposed to more advertisements than ever before. 

To stay ahead of your competitors, the ads you create need to be fresh, exciting, and creative. 

You want the consumer to be affected and influenced by your Google Ads efforts. Your advertisements must stand out and be distinctive in order to rise above the chaos of online advertising. 

A successful Google Ads agency will provide original, creative thought at every stage of the process, from conception to execution.

To scale your brand or online business to the next level with Google ads, look for a digital advertising agency that prioritizes creativity and innovation. 

6. Lower Your Advertising Budget

I’m willing to bet you weren’t expecting to see this one. 

It’s an odd paradox, but a professional advertising firm could help you spend less on ads while increasing the return on ad spend and sales. 

They can do this by ensuring you are targeting the correct keyword phrases, and implementing the right bidding strategies to bring you the best returns. 

When you are selecting an advertising agency to work with, be clear with them about your budget. The agency that is best for you will find strategies that work within your budget parameters, not against them. 

If you are managing all of your paid marketing campaigns in-house – Google Ads, Social Media Ads – you are likely spreading your resources thin and paying more than you need to. 

Managing your ad campaigns yourself allows you to control everything and save money on paying agencies. But, it is only a logical decision if you are familiar with Google Adwords and Pay Per Click marketing. 

You could be setting yourself up for an expensive learning experience if you don’t.

7. Leave your Advertising Campaigns in the hands of experts

Instead of bumbling your way through Google ads, learning as you go and wasting your ad dollars, put your campaigns in the hands of an expert. Someone who doesn’t love anything more than Google ads strategies. 

A specialized ads agency should have a team of experienced staff. Founders and employees that have collectively spent tens of thousands of hours managing ad campaigns.

They will have seen thousands of campaigns come and go, tested countless ads, and generated millions of dollars in ad revenue for themselves in clients. 

With experience like this, you learn valuable lessons about Google Ads, and marketing in general. Lessons such as…

  • Knowing the right time to take risks
  • Knowing when to not rock the boat and play it safe
  • Knowing how to find new and untapped markets
  • Knowing how to maximize a clients budget – no matter the size
  • Knowing when to up the ante and compete with more aggression
  • Knowing how to find customers who will actually convert into sales 

PPC is an extremely competitive field, but with our help, your business can maximize its advertising budget and increase ROAS. 

Our Google Ads agency will help your business to get the most long-term value out of your marketing budget. We help clients expand their advertising reach, find their customers, increase conversions, lower their costs, and streamline their ad campaigns. 

Why Yoru Marketing Could be the Right Fit for your Business

If you want an ad agency backed by an extensive repertoire of results – look no further than Yoru Marketing. We personally work alongside eCommerce brands and service-based businesses of all sizes, helping them scale advertising efforts. 

Our founder, Shri Kanase, has years of experience working for major companies as a top-performing Google Ad Marketer and PPC expert. 

Shri created his own eCommerce brands in 2017 and has generated over $2 million in sales using only Google Ads since then.This has given Shri an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise about how to scale online businesses with Google Ad campaigns. 

At Yoru marketing, we are dedicated to helping businesses implement premium advertising campaigns on Google Ads. Our goal is to make the entire process seamless, profitable, and enjoyable for you!  

Book a free consultation with Shri today to see how we can benefit your business. If your online business is doing more than $25,000 in sales every month, our Google Ads Agency will help you scale your ad campaigns to the next level!

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