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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Very great at teaching and provided the exact foundation needed to run my Google Ads at scale. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Aref M
Strategies that actually drive results. The owner is very polite and is always learning and testing new strategies himself. Absolutely great service.
Trevor Z
With Yoru Marketing’s support, the company saw an increase in revenue. They communicated over email and Skype, providing excellent customer care.
Dominic B

Our Mission

In a niche filled with revenue boasting agencies, Yoru Marketing strives to stand out as the go to business for Google Ads Marketing. Backed by actual results from personally run eCommerce brands, Shri Kanase and his team have been on your side of the venue as well.

Yoru Marketing began in the later months of 2021 as an addition to Shri’s eCommerce brands. However, prior to the launch of Yoru Marketing, we had been running ads for Shri’s students and training some to run ads themselves. Now, it’s all about making the advertising process seamless and profitable for Yoru Marketing clients.

We personally believe that every dollar you spend on ads is like a dollar we’re personally spending because we’ve been advertisers for our own brands. Simply put, we know the anxiety and emotion that goes behind every dollar spent.

Our team has been trained to not focus on revenue and sales but to rather bring you to a level of consistent profitability and keep you there. Not only do we run ads systematically, but we also help with the backend funnel and overall analysis of the setup.

While we’re remotely based, our team is only a call away for any kind of assistance you may need. To us, getting you results is what matters the most and what truly makes us happy. After all, we’re one team fighting to get you to the top of the ladder of success.

Let’s connect & create a plan.

Shri Kanase.
Founder, Yoru Marketing.

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