“Your Google ads campaigns need patience and strategy to grow and scale."


Hexo Care was a brand which had found great success with Facebook ads in 2021 but had slowly slowed down due to the lack of winning products. The owner took some time off before indulging fully into Google ads during the early months of April. After understanding the real potential of scale for this health brand, the game was on.

From properly setting up conversion tracking issues to fixing up all product titles for SEO, there were a lot of hurdles to pass.

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“Your Google ads campaigns need patience and strategy to grow and scale. The moment you become greedy and impatient is the moment your ad account begins its downfall.” – Shri Kanase

Health Brand - Hexo Care

The more you fall to oneitis, a term used to describe focus on one area only, the more your eCommerce brand begins to suffer.

And that’s exactly what Hexo Care was suffering with the moment we took over the account.

There was a lot of work done on the brand which was perfect for Facebook ads. Titles, images, descriptions, and even the prices. In essence, it was designed to get that quick sale from someone browsing through their Facebook feed.

While this strategy was bringing the CEO of Hexo Care results, it was not sufficient enough for a long term approach. And that is exactly why sales had dried out over time.

While the results with Facebook ads were much greater during that time period, it was simply not sustainable. And due to this reason, we began our work with a complete revamp of the website and backend.

Like most eCommerce brands, the main issue here was the conversion tracking code and overall setup. We began our work by fixing all of those issues that prevented us from establishing a strong foundation for the brand.

This also meant the product feed itself needed a bit of work; none of the titles, images, or descriptions had any kinds of SEO techniques applied. And as most who have been using Google ads know, SEO helps not only with organic traffic, but also with lowering Google ads costs.

Once all of the nitty gritty work had been accomplished, it was time for launch.

(After our changes)

Our go to strategy, which is called the two campaign launch, was used with this brand. And because there was a lot of data on the account already, we went with smart shopping campaigns.

One smart shopping campaign for testing all the products and another for scaling just winners.

The Strategy

Due to the proper Google Analytics connection, we were able to export some of the audiences and other data directly to the Google ads account. This gave us a little bit of a boost with the smart shopping campaigns.

Once they had launched, we saw almost immediate results from the second and the third day. And after that, it was a matter of consistent optimization.

Once or twice MAX every week was all this account really needed.

From this point onwards, it was a matter of consistently adding new products to the store and optimizing old products while testing new ones.

Eventually, the ROAS went up to roughly a 3.13x, which is above the brand’s breakeven ROAS metrics.

All the same strategies mentioned in my Youtube channel.

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