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British Furniture Brand - Sonno

Many eCommerce store owners believe that running a high ticket store with Google Ads is no good. They believe that because the products cost so much, most of the shoppers will simply not purchase or go with the cheaper option.

Sonno turned out to be an extremely good example that completely contradicted these ideologies. After running Google Ads specifically for the past 6 months, Wajjad Hussain, the CEO of Sonno, came to us in the hopes of not only increasing his overall revenue, but also making all the operations profitable.

During this time, the eCom brand was only doing £100,000 to £150,000 (135,000 – $203,000) per month in terms of revenue. While the number seemed great, the overall profits were not at the level Wajjad had desired.

Similar to 80% of the eCommerce brands we work with, Sonno had conversion tracking issues which needed to be addressed first. In addition to the conversion tracking issues, the Google Merchant Center itself had to be reconnected simply because the website was in the process of getting revamped during this time period.

Once all of the backend issues were fixed, which is one of the first things we do when we begin working with new brand partners, it was a matter of using the previous data from the Google Ads account for a new strategy. Working with a heavy monthly advertising budget ($30,000+ monthly) helped bring the results at a fast rate.

During the first month of 2022, we were able to scale this brand all the way up to £376,310.46 at an extremely profitable ROAS and CPA.

The Strategy

The brand had shopping campaigns running previously on manual cpc which had been shut down due to expensive costs. The previous ad agency had not used smart campaigns at all and had relied solely on personal intuition to get things done.

We came in and launched four different smart campaigns based on profit margins and all of them added to a $1,000 per day in ad spend budget. Since the Google Ads account had over 6 figures of revenue data, these new campaigns began spending the budget right away.

Due to the crazy high advertising spend per day, within about two days, we knew what was working and what wasn’t. We shut off the bad campaigns and began optimizing the winning campaigns. Since it was just a smart campaign, all we did was exclude the unprofitable products.

Once the ROAS was stable & consistent, we began launching search ads to the winning product. This was combined with search ads for the entire winning products category.

From January 01, 2022 to January 31, 2022, we spent roughly £21,690.95 ($29,286.69) to generate back £151,236.07 ($204,195.92) in revenue for the entire ad account. This number is not fully accurate as the eCom brand did well over £370,000 in terms of sales and Google Ads was generating roughly 70% of the revenue.

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