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When it comes to Google Ads, many eCommerce store owners have misconceptions. One of the major misconceptions they have is competitive industries = automatic failure.

As a result, they hesitate to even get started with Google Ads and end up leaving a goldmine abandoned due to the first initial results.  Paula Grant from Cpap Genie did the exact opposite, however.

The Challenge

After achieving decent success with B2B sales, Paula decided that it was time to show the brand and its products directly to the customers.  Our relationship began in the cold winter month of November 2021 and after getting the Google Ads account as well as other back-end things setup, we began to run ads.

The store sold within a variety of different price points and this greatly assisted with overall sales.  Despite working with a smaller sized monthly budget (< $3,000 USD), we were able to maintain an extremely high ROAS.

But with scale, certain problems started to arise which ads themselves could not resolve.

The Strategy

Due to the competitive nature of this eCommerce brand, we were forced to begin our campaigns with a completely new strategy.

Normally, we would have launched two standard shopping campaigns and one branded search campaigns but with this account, we decided to go the smart route. Budgets were low and we did not want to risk losing them testing different bids.

An approach with smart was only decided because the B2B data this business had accumulated.

And it ended up working.

Once the cost per conversion began to decrease, we were able to get more tests started and try different things out. The biggest issue we faced with this account was that items would constantly go out of stock. But we scaled the account over the months and established a brand identity for it.

From November 8, 2021 to March 1, 2022, the brand did over $60,000 in sales at a 5.77x ROAS.

The Results





11/08/ 2021 to 03/01/2022


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