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Jumping into a brand-new advertising platform and trusting a PPC agency doesn’t always play out well. However, you just have to take the risk sometimes to see what your eCommerce business is capable of.

That’s exactly what Harry, the CEO of this health brand, did in the early days of December in 2021. After running the brand based in Australia for over a year via Facebook Ads, he decided that it was time to introduce some stability by expanding on other platforms.

The Challenge

He came to us after watching our founder, Shri Kanase, on Youtube and immediately connecting with the content. While this initial step was Harry’s entrance into an ultra profitable advertising platform, this was no easy journey for the Yoru Marketing team.

We began our work by establishing the store’s backend (tons of tracking and feed issues) and ensuring all the products were properly submitted to the Google Merchant Center. This process alone took a little over a week as the merchant center was initially suspended.

Once all the settings were properly validated and the tracking tags installed, we started our initial shopping and search campaigns. Unfortunately, this brand did not have an established Google Analytics account, which meant we were basically starting from scratch.

One major thing eCommerce store owners fail to realize is that unlike Facebook Ads or similar advertising platforms, Google Ads is a time based platform – it takes time for the algorithm to figure out what the website is and what audience it caters to. In fact, the initial “warm up” period lasts for about two to four weeks on brand new ad accounts.

We noticed a similar trend with the eCom business; a very slow yet profitable growth in terms of revenue as well as visitors. Once the warm up period had ended, however, things began to pick up (around January 17th – a little over two weeks from initial launch).

The Strategy

Getting the brand results at a faster pace proved to be quite a difficult task due to one major issue – lack of products. The store only had around seven products when we began work and this heavily limited the overall results as you can’t force more people to search for the products.

As Harry began to add more products, we were able to speed things up and hit the ground running hard. However, we were unable to use the strategies Shri Kanase often teaches on his Youtube channel.

The Yoru Marketing team decided to launch product specific campaigns which meant the entire campaign would just focus on a single product. This would be ideal for this store as there were limited products to begin with.

From December 28th to January 25th, we spent only $429.73 AUD to comply with Harry’s budget however, our campaigns generated over $8,494 AUD within this time frame – a whopping 19x ROAS.

The Results





12/28/2021 to 01/25/2022


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