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Running a 7 figure business is always fun and exciting. But that excitement quickly turns into nervousness when you need to start running ads on a brand new advertising platform and invest money upfront.

Rather than stick to his original strategies, Mr. K, founder of this private brand, decided to let the Yoru Marketing team go ahead and establish a presence for his brand on Google Ads. The results speak for themselves.

The Challenge

Right from the beginning, we were seeing an extraordinary return on ad spend for the campaigns we had launched. On a bad day initially, the ROAS was a 20x – absolutely unheard of results.

We were able to achieve such results extremely quickly because the brand had an established following which it had gained via Facebook ads. Mixing this in with our proven Google Ads strategies did the trick.

Since launch day of October 24, 2021 to the end of the year (December 31, 2021), this brand has done over $153,000 in sales with just Google Ads at a 19x ROAS.

This is why eCommerce store owners refer to us as the BEST eCommerce Google Ads agency.

Yoru Marketing - Full Send Diesel Client Results

The Strategy

We initially started with a smart shopping campaign to leverage the data this brand already had. This was coupled with the launch of a few special audiences which we do for all our eCommerce clients.

With the initial smart shopping campaign off to the races and providing an extraordinary ROAS of 18x, we decided to double down on this strategy.

Clearly, the account was responding to smart shopping the best and rightfully so. I mean, average order values ranged from $50 all the way up to $5,000 for this brand – no way a standard shopping campaign could do it justice.

We stuck to the original strategy I always mention on my Youtube channel – one testing campaign and one scaling campaign.

The campaign at the very top was our general testing campaign with all our products and the third campaign on the list was the best sellers smart shopping campaign.

Sandwiched in the middle was our branded search campaign to get potential lost sales.

Yoru Marketing - Full Send Diesel Client Results

Fortunately for us, this Google ad account didn’t need any further testing – we had identified what was working within the first three weeks.

It was all about scaling now.

And that’s exactly what we did. From when we first began to May 31, 2022, this brand has done over $450,000 with Google ads alone at a 10x ROAS.

The Results





10/23/2021 to 12/25/2021


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