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Although Life’s Butter had been actively using Google ads since the second quarter of 2019, it had achieved nothing but revenue from the platform.

What I mean is there was very little, if any, profit coming from Google ads to justify running ads on it.

And this is what essentially made Boris, the CEO of Life’s Butter, look for alternatives.

The Challenge

Our initial audit of the account disclosed some key pieces of information that ultimately helped us scale the brand to a better place.

Not only was conversion tracking installed incorrectly, but it was counting every sale as two. Plus, when it came to the campaign strategy, about 28% of the products were actually disapproved.

This meant the entire brand was essentially operating on a few pieces that kept it going.

(The beginning of this chart showcases when sales were getting overtracked)

Once the entire foundation was changed and properly laid out, it was time to implement a real strategy.

The Strategy

While majority of the brands we’ve handled campaigns for have scaled the most from shopping, this was not the case with Life’s Butter.

And it made sense. The beauty niche is one of the most competitive niches out there with some of the biggest brands dominating the market.

With a low AOV, it becomes even harder to break into the market.

Keeping this in mind, we took a different approach here.

We went with search campaigns initially along with a few display retargeting campaigns to get back lost sales.

While we launched generic search campaigns targeting both broad and narrow keywords, we used a blog post as the landing page.

This blog post talked about the top 5 best products within this niche and the strategy here was to make the number 1 spot Life Butter’s product.

It ended up working like a charm.

On average, we were hitting a 3.30x ROAS for some of these search campaigns and overall, we ended up hitting a 2.50x during the peak.

The Results





10/13/2022 to 12/13/2022


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