CNC & Woodworking Brand – Yora Home


Just because something used to work doesn’t mean it has to continue working forever.

A saying that perfectly applies to the situation Yora Home found itself in late in July of 2022.

The old strategies used to work extremely well and because Yora Home’s previous agency didn’t know any better, they stuck to those strategies and were forcing them to work again.

Bad idea.

The Challenge

The first time I audited this ad account, I knew there were fundamental issues working within the backend.

  • There were multiple conversion tracking tags firing on the website.
  • The brand wasn’t making best use of Google Merchant Center programs such as reviews.
  • While there were over 250 SKUs on the store, only 10 were getting shown via the shopping campaigns

Just an overall mess that was not optimized in any way, shape, or form.

The Strategy

Our first initial step was to fix up the entire backend. We worked on improving the conversion tracking tags and deleted all additional scripts that were slowing down the website.

Once that was done, we moved onto improving the product feed. Unfortunately for this brand, the last agency had no idea what optimizing the feed meant – it was filled with product disapprovals.

Getting the backend sorted was a big leap towards scale for this eCommerce brand, but it wasn’t enough.

It was time to redo the strategy.

Based on what we saw, it was clear that there was no type of segregation done for the campaigns. All the products had been jumbled inside two major Performance Max campaigns.

Due to product disapprovals, only one was running.

We began working on a strategy that segregated the best selling products in one shopping campaign and another campaign for just product testing.

This approach let us focus on what had performed the best before and allowed us to begin getting more sales faster.

Along with that, our main goal was to introduce other campaign types that could further scale the account.

To make this happen, we started display campaigns for remarketing only and generic search campaigns for collections that had performed the best.

Just within the first two months of letting this strategy run, we had scaled the brand by 95% in terms of revenue compared to the previous period while maintaining ROAS.

After getting this initial success, scaling was a matter of just working on top of what already brought results.

In this case, that meant launching more campaigns with a similar strategy in different countries and increasing budgets with these current ones.

Unfortunately, we had to part ways with this client due to the increased sourcing and fulfilment issues they began to face due to this increased demand.

At the end of the work period, we had scaled revenue by 74.28% in total compared to the previous period.

The Results





07/25/2022 to 12/25/2022


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