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The year of 2023 has proved to be quite a journey for Relatable Basic.

This brand started off January with $138k in total revenue. February was no less, following behind at roughly $135k in revenue.

Relatable Basic Sales

The Challenge

However, March is when the problems really started to arise.

The Facebook ads strategy they once had working suddenly stopped performing over night. No amount of ad creative testing was providing results.

This is when Irene, Co-Founder of Relatable Basic, decided to start working with another Google ads agency. All in the hopes of diversifying.

Unfortunately, this didn’t help much. Revenue had dropped to $68k and the Google ads account had become a complete mess in terms of setup.

Relatable Basic Case Study

The Strategy

This is exactly where we came in – mid April.

We spent the first week or so just on the foundation. Conversion tracking issues. SEO. Landing page improvements.

Everything that would help improve the main foundation which makes scale possible.

One positive thing this ad account had going for it was previous ad spend data. We used this to our advantage by directly launching Performance Max campaigns.

Relatable Basic Case Study

The 2:2:1 strategy:

2: Shopping campaigns (1 performance max and 1 standard shopping)

2: Search campaigns (1 branded search and 1 cold prospecting)

1: Display campaign

We decided to go this route because it let us test out best selling products with a Performance Max campaign and everything else manually in standard shopping.

And it worked.

Although the entire store’s revenue was down from the month before, Google ads revenue for April was up 39%.

RelatableBasic Case Study

While the campaigns were running, we also spent time optimizing the backend feed and getting rid of all merchant center errors.

As the month progressed and campaigns optimized, the ROAS remained steady at a 3.8x.

By the end of May, revenue was at $42,694 with ROAS at 3.83x.

Proper ad strategies with the right team = scale.

RelatableBasic Case Study

The Results





04/7/2023 to 05/31/2023


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