Kids’ Toys eCommerce Brand – Popitnation


Often times, increasing sales means taking big risks. And when it comes to investing an initial amount upfront without having any clear view of the potential success, things become even more difficult.

Such was the situation of Mr. Liau and his toy related eCommerce brand, Popitnation. While the brand had achieved good initial success, there was still a lot of juice to be squeezed out from the store. Time was running out as the specific products Mr. Liau was selling would only sell mostly during quarter 4.

The Challenge

Right after our onboarding process was completed, we began our special tactics to increase sales. This consisted of analyzing the previous funnel and understanding what the previous campaigns had been doing in terms of performance.

Once the entire backend had been cleaned up, the product feed submitted without errors to the Google Merchant Center, we began our strategic implementation of shopping and search campaigns. Time was running out and we needed to establish the brand in an ultra competitive niche.

(The owner lives in Malaysia, hence the difference in currency. Store targets the United States)


While it’s definitely true that Google Ads is a long-term game, we were able to expedite things with Popitnation simply because there was previous data we could work off of. This is another reason why having properly installed conversion tracking codes, such as for Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. are so important.

Lucky for us, Mr. Liau had taken care of the basics in the back end and we were able to seamlessly extract some of this data to feed to our Google Ads campaigns. Within the first few days of launch, we had already began increasing budgets as the ROAS during that time period was consistently above a 7x to a 10x.

The Strategy

For Popitnation, we decided to keep our strategy simple and to the point. And keep in mind, we were only able to do this because of the previous data this eCommerce brand had achieved.

We started four different PPC campaigns during our initial launch; one smart shopping campaign, one single product campaign, and two search campaigns. All these campaigns had a different function within the overall system.

The smart shopping campaign targeted 99% of the products in the store which weren’t thoroughly getting tested. We chose this path as the data made it easy for the ad account’s algorithm to find the right audience. We considered this our ‘test bucket’ campaign.

The single product campaign targeted a winning product the eCom brand had already been scaling prior to our entry. Our main goal was to give this product all the attention it deserved and scale it separately from the rest.

The two search campaigns were fairly simple as well; one targeted that winning product from the single product campaign and the other was a brand search campaign targeting brand keywords. While the product search campaign did not provide amazing results, the branded search campaign was able to outrank competitors targeting Popitnation and get more sales in return.

Towards the later portion of December, the sales did start to die down from all advertising platforms, which was expected as the holiday shopping frenzy came to an end. However, the results from Google Ads were exceptional all throughout our journey with Popitnation.

The Results





11/16/2021 to 01/16/2021


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