Liquor Brand – Nestor Liquor

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Prior to our entry within the account, true Google ads scale was just a dream for the brand.

Although they had a presence on the platform, it was nowhere close to where they wanted.

Simply because during that time, the brand was generating roughly $119k/mo in revenue.

At a 3.23x ROAS.

This naturally made the CEO want to focus on alternative marketing platforms, such as Facebook ads. But when that also began to fluctuate heavily, we began work together.

The Challenge

As usual, our initial work began with a complete audit of the brand. And through this, we found several foundational issues that were preventing the brand from scaling:

> Conversion tracking was a mess, resulting in double tracking
> The current Google ads strategy was focused on manual bidding
> There was too much reliance on standard shopping

This meant there was no real foundation in place.

And because of this, the current data within the ad account was too weak to support scale.

Due to all these major issues, we had to start work from the foundation and work our way up.



The Strategy

Our approach to this brand was fairly straightforward.

On a broad level, we implemented a TPS approach that allowed us to do three things effectively:

> Test products
> Give more attention to those showing signs
> Scale the best performers

With this brand, we implemented this strategy by incorporating a series of standard shopping and Performance Max campaigns.


A narrow focus that allowed to set up a strong foundation and get some traction before expanding.

As sales started to grow, we began to expand our approach.

This meant a little bit of horizontal scaling into more campaign types:

Search, display, Youtube, etc.

However, because of the niche of this brand, it seemed that Google would not allow the ads to run.

And although this put a slight limitation on our scale, the shopping campaigns had started to take off.

To this day, we’re heavily focused on those standard shopping campaigns and Pmax campaigns which helped us build a solid foundation.


The Results





June 18, 2023 to current


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