Melt Method – Fitness brand


For chronic pain sufferers seeking relief, Google Ads is a powerful platform. However, many brands struggle to find the right messaging to resonate with this audience.

The Challenge

Since they sell health-related products, there were some issues with the policies which made it pretty hard to achieve a profitable ROAS.

Additionally, the conversion tracking was not fully functional, so they didn’t have accurate data to work with. When we first audited Melt Method, we knew a strong approach was needed to achieve a profitable ROAS.

These results are from before we started working with them.

The Strategy

First, we needed to fix the conversion tracking since it was a mess. We also optimized the titles and descriptions in the product feed. Establishing a solid foundation was crucial before making further adjustments.

Once the foundation was set, we removed all non-serving keywords and placements. Next, we decided to launch Performance Max (Pmax) campaigns focused on the feed and created asset groups with relevant assets.

We launched:
– 1 Search campaign
– Optimized the Pmax campaign



We set up a script to analyze where the spend was going in the Pmax campaigns and to identify where the conversions were coming from. Since assets were converting more effectively than just the shopping ads, we decided to launch an asset-only campaign.


To scale and attract more traffic, we also decided to launch a Dynamic Search campaign to capture additional volume.

These steps were crucial to optimizing our approach and driving better results for Melt Method.


The Results





14/03, 2024 to 29/05, 2024


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