Personal eCommerce brand by Shri Kanase


Our founder, Shri Kanase, started this personal eCommerce brand in an act of despair. We say ‘act of despair’ because prior to the launch of this eCommerce store, Shri Kanase was solely focused on Facebook Ads for his leading fashion brand.

The Challenge

After getting that AD account banned, Shri Kanase realized the importance of omnipresence.

He knew that he wanted to build a long term business and not something fully dependent on an ever-changing AD platform. As a result, he jumped onto Google Ads one cold day in October of 2019 and has been using it since.

Since 2019, the eCommerce brand has spent $360,000 to generate roughly $1,600,000 in total sales. The COGS for this brand is roughly 50%, which equates to $950,000 and with everything combined, he is left with a hefty profit margin.

As of today, this dropshipping eCommerce store has turned into a semi-brand and Shri Kanase still runs it to this day. This eCommerce brand is mostly used to try out different strategies with Google Ads.

Yoru Marketing Client Results

The Strategy

The strategy Shri Kanase used on his personal eCommerce store is the same one he implements on majority of the clients’ ad accounts. It involves having a mix of smart and standard shopping campaigns with a sprinkle of single keyword ad group campaigns.

He likes targeting both low and high bids for products in order to widen his net and capture audiences of all characteristics.

This is mixed with proper SEO techniques for that added boost in shopping ads rankings.

Yoru Marketing Client Results

The Results





01/01/2020 to 10/10/2021


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