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Dropshipping stores are often looked down upon as many eCommerce store owners believe dropshippers are here to scam. We’re glad to say that not every dropshipping website is the same – at least in our experience.

Our founder, Shri Kanase, had been working with this eCommerce store since early July. The first initial campaigns, which followed the same exact strategies which we implement on our clients’ accounts, were implemented mid July.

And the rest is history.

The Challenge

Since mid-July, this eCommerce store has run via Google Ads solely and has seen nothing but positive growth. There were no kinds of initial results this eCommerce client had gotten before – everything was built up from scratch.

Initially, many things needed to be improved, ranging from their back end to their website layout to their campaign types. But what really helped with the positive 8x – 10x ROAS was the products they sold. Products are king at the end of the day.

We just leveraged them to create a highly profitable eCommerce business run via Google Ads.

Yoru Marketing - Warehousechoice Client Results

The Strategy

Like Shri Kanase mentions on his Youtube channel, the initial strategy is pretty much the same. We always launch either one Smart Shopping Campaign or two Standard Shopping Campaigns – one high bid and one low bid.

This is often followed by a search campaign and any additional campaigns are based on the results. We like taking things slow until we’ve gotten our PPC client profitable results. Once that’s achieved, we scale to the moon.

The setup includes Google Shopping and Google Search ad campaigns along with Bing Ads and Facebook Ads retargeting.

Yoru Marketing - Warehousechoice Client Results

The Results





07/12/2021 to 12/22/2021


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