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There is no better eCommerce brand out there than Luxium when it comes to finding an example for the saying “focus on one ad platform first.”

The Challenge

Since the creation of the brand back in 2022, the CEO had solely relied on Facebook & Instagram ads for scale. And while that scale had come, it also brought with it low profit margins.

The first time I looked at Luxium’s Google ads account, I knew a strong approach was needed.

Mainly because the niche was extremely competitive and the brand had no accurate previous data from Google ads campaigns.

Shopluxium.com Case Study

(Previous ad spend with nothing tracked)

Once we had finished with the foundation, we moved onto strategy.

The Strategy

We had to go the manual bidding route.

But before we could do that, we needed to attack a bigger problem:

A weak foundation.

Due to the emphasis on Facebook Ads, little to no work was done in terms of SEO for Google ads.

The conversion tracking was a complete mess.

And the backend Google Merchant Center feed was filled with errors that would only drive costs up.

We took the first seven days of our collaboration to fix up the entire feed and foundation to get it ready for Google ads traffic.

This also included helping optimize the landing page itself as there were many “weak additions” that were more suitable for Facebook ads traffic, such as trust badges.

With the foundation out of the way, it was time to go all in on ad strategy.

We knew manual bidding was our only option here due to lack of previous data.

Keeping this in mind, we launched the 1:2:1 strategy.

1: Standard shopping campaign

2: Search campaigns (1 branded & 1 cold)

1: Youtube ads campaign

Shop Luxium Strategy - Yoru Marketing

The reason why we only decided to launch one shopping campaign instead of multiple is because the brand only had 6 different products.

And we could not just rely on shopping to get the ball rolling.

As a result, we launched a cold traffic dynamic search campaign along with a brand search to retarget.

In the mix, we threw in a Youtube ads campaign targeting shorts as there were many video ads we could use here.

This launch worked perfectly because in the first week, we were running at a 4.56x ROAS and had driven $3,250+ in revenue.

Shop Luxium Results - Yoru Marketing

To keep things steady, we changed campaigns less and optimized based on their data more.

This meant improving product titles based on the keywords or adding some to descriptions.

Or changing up product images based on CTRs.

We were making these changes every 7 days or so as data kept rolling in.

The Results





03/11/2023 to Apr 30, 2023


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