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Kitchen Accessories Brand – Scope Kitchen

Scope Kitchen came to us during the early months of 2022, when the new year had just started and things weren’t off to such a great start. During that time, Scope Kitchen was averaging a 1.9x ROAS, a number that was profitable but not too impressive.

British Furniture Brand – Sonno

Sonno is a luxury eCommerce furniture brand operating within the United Kingdom that came to us during the end of December in 2021. This brand had been originally running Google Ads via another agency however, the KPIs weren’t getting met. After analyzing and relaunching brand new campaigns, we were able get the brand to a 7.47x ROAS while exceeding the needed KPIs.

CNC & Woodworking Brand – Yora Home

Yora Home was a multi 7-figure brand that had found great scale in the years of 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, 2022 was the year turmoil started as the sales had taken a major dive due to unexpected reasons in early April.

Custom Blankets – Relatable Basic

Relatable basic was an eCommerce brand that had a significant drop in sales during the year of 2023. From $100k+ per month to barely scraping $60k.

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