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We Only Care About Results

Our team over at Yoru Marketing believes in one thing; results. We give it our absolute best when it comes to strategizing and growing your eCommerce brand with PPC.

Here’s a quick look into how we do it (and what you should expect on our first call):


Not Just Campaigns.

When you hire a Google ads agency, you don’t just want a bunch of campaigns. You want revenue growth. Profit growth. It’s not about just launching a bunch of campaigns.

And that’s exactly what makes Yoru Marketing unique. We know that launching new campaigns or editing old ones is just the start.

It’s about strategy. Customization.

If your current Google ads strategy isn’t resulting in growth, something needs to change.

Our approach focuses on analyzing the entire history of the ad account & brand while developing a brand new strategy that’s designed based on experience.

We create growth, not just new campaigns.

More Brands We've Scaled

Let’s Scale

We love creating growth with new clients however, we’re not always the perfect fit for every client. You can still fill out the form above and we’ll be able to pass you on to the right team if we aren’t.


Here are a few ways to know if we fit your needs.


We’ll Be A Great Fit

  • You want consistency with Google Ads

  • You’re willing to give it at least a month minimum to see some better performance

  • Your eCom brand has traffic from other sources

  • You want an agency partner that’ll completely control the strategy side of Google ads from planning to implementation


We’re Probably Not A Fit


  • You want quick success

  • You’re relying on Chinese suppliers for success (dropshipping)

  • You rely solely on Google ads for traffic

  • You run an eCommerce brand with a $30 AOV or less

Your profits always come first.
© 2024 Yoru Marketing. All Rights Reserved.

The Best Google Ads Digital Marketing Agency

© 2024 Yoru Marketing. All Rights Reserved.

The Best Google Ads Digital Marketing Agency

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