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About 75.3% of eCommerce brands FAIL to optimize their accounts properly when it comes to Google Ads, leaving their entire account and PPC campaigns in ruins. Our Google Ads PPC Audit Checklist was designed to ensure your eCom brand isn’t part of this staggeringly high number.

Be sure to follow the checklist step by step to audit and optimize your Google Shopping or Google Search ads successfully.

Do Your Own Audit

Did you know that there are very limited resources out there which teach how to audit Google Ads campaigns for eCommerce brands? Our PPC Audit Checklist lets you take things into your own hands.

No-Risk Ideas To Test

Implementing our Google Ads Audit Checklist won’t leave your account in shambles; simply follow the checklist based on the amount of days mentioned. If you have any issues with changes, revert back to the previous settings or view our founder’s Youtube channel for tips.

It's Free, Seriously

The Google Ads Checklist is entirely free for you. Simply click on the button below, enter your e-mail, and check your e-mail because we’ll immediately e-mail you the checklist.


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