The Grown Up Ecommerce PPC Agency Others Look Up To

Our PPC agency is considered the ‘grown up’ in the market because all our strategies come through our own experiences and are often the FIRST to hit the market. All original, no BS.

All our endeavors revolve around PPC and eCommerce. PPC is essentially what we live and breathe, not only for our clients, but also for our own eCommerce brands.

Forget working with a PPC agency that focuses on a gazillion different niches, making them a master in none. Yoru Marketing has its eyes set on ONLY two things: PPC and eCommerce. That's why we've been considered one of the best PPC agencies for eCom brands.

It's more than the numbers you see on the screen with us. You become our partner. Our family member. Achieving stellar results is just the bare minimum we focus on. We want to be your last PPC agency and we ensure this through a strong focus on communication and ROI.

Listen, our entire team over at Yoru Marketing understands.

We understand the struggle you have to go through on a consistent basis to run, stabilize, and scale. From having to deal with unruly customers to fixing sourcing issues; there’s a lot on your plate.

And we just didn’t understand these things from seeing our clients. Most of our team members have their own eCom brands as side projects where we deal with these things on a daily basis.

That’s exactly why we’re able to give you such a personalized approach and strategy suited for YOU. Once our PPC agency is handling your Google ads, you’ll have more time to focus on things that matter.

With great ambition and desire in your heart, you come to us looking for your next PPC agency.

We do a complete checkup of your brand and pinpoint what needs improvement before doing our strategy call.

Things look stellar and we begin work on the Google ads account by implementing everything.

The sales and profitability start to see a BIG positive change and you have more time to do other things. Life’s good.

We get to a point with the PPC strategy where growth and stability are infused, helping create an ultra profitable eCommerce brand.

The Growth Plan You've Never Seen Before

Growth. Scale. Profits. Words thrown around often but rarely internalized. Book a free strategy call with our PPC agency and see what a real plan geared towards scale looks like. Here’s a sample one below.

Ecommerce Brand Success Stories

See some of our client results below.

Yoru Marketing - The Best Google Ads Marketing Agency Client Results
Personal eCommerce brand By Shri Kanase

Jan 01, 2020 to Oct 10, 2021. Over $1.5M in sales at a 4.64 ROAS. All current PPC strategies get tested and run on this eCom brand first. Active to this day.

Yoru Marketing Client Results - Sevora
German Jewelry Brand – Sevora

Nov 15, 2021 to Dec 15, 2021. Yoru Marketing took over right at the beginning of upward trend. Over €40k in sales at a 11.27 ROAS.

USA Dropshipping Client – Warehouses Choice
USA Dropshipping Client – Warehouses Choice

Jul 12, 2021 to Dec 14, 2021. Over $180k in sales at a 9.42 ROAS. All our winning strategies were implemented on this ad account from the beginning.

USA Toys Brand – Popitnation
USA Toys Brand
– Popitnation

Nov 17, 2021 to Jan 06, 2022. Over $20k in sales at a 6.95 ROAS in an extremely competitive niche.

Australian Health Brand – Private Client

Nov 17, 2021 to Jan 06, 2022. Over $20k in sales at a 6.95 ROAS in an extremely competitive niche.

Yoru Marketing - Full Send Diesel Client Results
Automotive Niche eCommerce Brand – Full Send Diesel

Oct 23, 2021 to Dec 25, 2021. $118,000 in sales at a 18.55 ROAS

Commonly Asked Questions

What makes us the BEST PPC Agency?

Our commitment towards personalization, communication, and speed backed by our personal experience makes us the best PPC agency out there. Here, all tasks are done to grow your brand in some way, shape, or form.

How much do we cost?

All our fees depend on how much work is needed and what stage the eCommerce brand is in. Once we get a deeper look into the brand, we can make these things clear.

What are the KPIs our eyes don't usually leave?

Google ads campaigns work off of a lot of different metrics however, there are a few which determine majority of our decisions. They include CPC, CPP, ROAS, and Search Impression share. Simple and straightforward.

What does our optimization process look like?

One thing all members of our PPC agency understand is Google ads is a search based platform. Consumers come to you here; you don't go out hunting for them. Due to this, we optimize every 5 to 7 days based on our KPIs.

If we're so good at what we do, why don't we just run our own eCom brands?

To this day, our founder, Shri Kanase, runs his own eCommerce brands with a team. All strategies you see working on your account have already been tested hundreds of times on his accounts.

What results do we guarantee?

Guaranteeing something is business is like predicting a good magician's next move; it's just uncertain. Things can go many different ways and it's unrealistic to guarantee results. What we do guarantee is that only working strategies will be implemented on your ad account.

This is simply because our eCommerce PPC advertising agency doesn't test on your dime.

Why are you different than the kazillion Google Ad agencies out there?

While there are tons and tons of PPC agencies out there ready to offer you service at the drop of a heart beat, there are very few that JUST do eCommerce. Combine that with our own experience with our own eCommerce brands and we're as rare as a four leaf clover.

This experience allows us to truly do what's best for your own eCommerce brand.

What's the amount of experience you have with Google Ads and PPC?

Our founder alone has been selling online from a tender age of 12. He got his first experience selling on eBay from his garage and this transformed into his own website and infrastructure six years later.

Along with teaching others about eCommerce and PPC on Youtube, he still runs his brands to this day.


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