Ecommerce Profit Analysis Template

What are your real margins & numbers?

Many eCommerce brands end up struggling to scale with Google ads because they don’t know their true margins. And reality is, if you don’t know your real margins, you don’t have a real business.

Our automated profit analysis spreadsheet is designed to give you a holistic view into your real numbers & take the guess work away.


Forget the manual calculations. With a few insertions of data points, the spreadsheet keeps track of all your numbers and even gives totals.

Easy To Use

Forget those fancy spreadsheets that leave you more confused than before. Our automated sheet is simple and designed for a busy CEO. Simply enter the necessary numbers or have your team do it & let our sheet calculate the rest.

It's Free, Seriously

The profit analysis spreadsheet is entirely free for you. Simply click on the button below, enter your e-mail, and make a copy of the spreadsheet when redirected.


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