"A stable eCommerce business is created from multiple advertising platforms. Google Ads should be your go to as it's one of the most commonly used platforms."


When it comes to Google Ads, fashion and jewelry is one of the most difficult and competitive niches to break into and establish a brand. This is true regardless of country targeted.

 And while we normally don’t work with fashion or jewelry brands due to this, Sevora was different from the rest. We decided to begin our partnership around November 12th. 

The eCom journey with Google Ads has been nothing less than special.

Yoru Marketing changed up the initial campaigns significantly and launched a set of new shopping campaigns. These campaigns were slightly different from our usual strategy as competitive niches require a different approach.

Our team was able to use the existing data this brand had accumulated from Taboola ads to boost start the new shopping campaigns. This helped feed the algorithm enough data to launch profitably right from the beginning.

As of current, we’re running a mixture of shopping and search campaigns for the account. The best sellers are inside one shopping campaign while the rest of the products are in another.

The Strategy

While majority of the strategies follow those mentioned on Shri Kanase’s Youtube channel, we took a different approach for Sevora.

Our initial strategy was to launch a smart shopping campaign and let Google decide what the right bid for the product is and when it should be shown. We did not want to control all the varying keywords and all as jewelry brands often have tens of thousands.

This was followed by a search campaign directly targeting the brand itself. Sevora already had a search campaign performing quite well as this brand was the only brand targeting their products – we came in and fixed things up and made them better.

The brand which Yoru Marketing was not too confident about became one of our best winning stores. We plan to consistently scale this eCommerce store long term.

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