Google Ads SEO Description Template

One of the most overlooked aspects of a landing page is the description. Aside from fully describing the product in detail and creating a sense of want in the consumer’s mind, the description has one other contributing factor to Google Ads campaigns; SEO.

Now, when we say SEO, we don’t mean the kind to help you rank organically. We’re talking about SEO techniques that help lower your overall cost per link click with your Google Ads campaigns which leads to a highly profitable business.

And who wouldn’t want that?

After running Google Ads for years and spending hundreds of thousands of $ on tests, Shri Kanase, the fonder of Yoru Marketing, came up with a generic template which just works with Google.

Now this generic template for your eCommerce store should be used as just that, a template. You always want to add your ‘two cents’ to the description and make it better.

Google Search Ads Template - Yoru Marketing


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