“No PPC strategy is linear; the more complicated a business, the bigger the amount of strategies running at once.”


Kids’ Educational Brand - Testing Mom

Running profitable Google Ads campaigns is already hard, but running them while optimizing for two completely different goal types is insanity. However, when your business operates at two different levels, you really are left with no other choice.

And this was the story of Testing Mom. A well-established educational brand offering not only tutoring and consulting calls to parents, but also selling kids test-prep books and other accessories.

After running Google Ads without knowing the actual data due to a massive issue with conversion tracking codes, Mohammad Sheikh, the marketing manager of Testing Mom, decided to partner up with us for scale.

Our first initial steps involved a complete analysis and revamp of the system. We actually began handling this account on December 16th and the chart below shows the high ROAS the account was at prior to our entry. Unfortunately, all of that data regarding ROAS was incorrect.

After working with Testing Mom’s development team and fixing up all the backend issues, it was time for our strategic analysis. We were originally working with about 25 different running campaigns and our first approach was to cut the fat and shut down everything that was unprofitable.

This was followed by launching a series of strategies designed for complex accounts like these.

The Strategy

From our analysis of the campaigns, we came to realize that majority of the campaigns were optimizing for both sales and leads.

While this may seem smart initially, it’s important to understand that both these goals have completely different audiences. Someone who would classify as a ‘lead’ would not be someone who would also be purchasing.

Our first actionable steps were to make a set of campaigns optimizing for sales and duplicate those with leads as the main goal. This ended up working extremely well as the leads and conversions started to increase.

This process continued and we launched more search based campaigns for more sign ups for the consultations and calls separately from shopping. Over time, we noticed the cost per conversion had begun to reduce.

As these costs began to decrease, we introduced some more testing campaigns as we had enough of a budget to allocate towards portion.

As a result of these steps, the account reached a level of profitability and scale it had not seen previously. 

The data showcased on Google Ads contains a combination of adspend for leads and sales. The conversion value for leads is $0 and as a result, the ROAS shown is not accurate.

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