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Kitchen Accessories Brand - Scope Kitchen

Value is often determined by the eyes of the beholder. An old saying which our team over at Yoru Marketing often references during account audits.

How does that matter here? To Himanshu, the founder of Scope Kitchen, the brand was in a declining phase. A “failing store” that had little to no future. But was it really his fault he thought this way?

The store had done nothing but lose profits the past few weeks and months. Times were tough. Nothing seemed to be working no matter what he did or which Youtube video he followed.

When I took my first glance within the store’s Google ads account, I knew there was more to be achieved. The brand had done well for more than a year in one of the most competitive niches out there; there was hope.

And thus, began our fulfilling journey of bringing Scope Kitchen back to working order. A task our Google ads agency was extremely proud of once we finished.

But the journey wasn’t easy. We had to start working right from the base and build a strong foundation.

The conversion tracking tags had been installed improperly, resulting in faulty data. The product feed was not optimized at all and this caused the diminishing performance.

Once we got everything optimized, it was time for launch. There were many standard shopping campaigns running within the account as Himanshu was following many of my strategies from my old videos.

And due to the massive amounts of data the account had, making a brand new strategy was not difficult at all.

The Strategy

We decided to take the smart shopping strategy approach first to make use of all the data the account had. One benefit this brand had was that Google Analytics had been properly connected in the beginning.

This allowed us to immediately use some of that connected data through various ways to get things going.

For the campaigns, we launched with a very general strategy; winners vs losers. This allowed the algorithm to focus separately on the winners compared to those that hadn’t shown much results.

Results seemed positive right from the beginning for these campaigns; there were days the campaigns were getting a 16x ROAS. And our main goal was to stabilize the ROAS before we increased revenue. 

We gave it about 7 to 14 days before we began the next phase of scaling; search campaigns. There were many tests done within this account, such as dynamic search campaigns and collection based campaigns.

Scope Kitchen Case Study | Yoru Marketing

From that point onwards, it was mostly about testing new campaign strategies and doubling down on what was working. We’re heavy believers in the 80 / 20 rule and used that to scale Scope Kitchen to almost a 3.50x ROAS over a 3 month period.

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