Shri Kanase


Starting at a mere age of 12 flipping stuff out of his garage to working with million dollar brands, Shri Kanase has done it all.

Our founder got such an early start in the eCommerce space, especially during that time, because he had only one goal in mind; buy more video games.

His deep desire for purchasing video games at an early age introduced him to the different ways of doing business online and eventually led him to open his first few Shopify stores.

As of today, along with running Google Ads for our clients, Shri Kanase runs his own personal eCommerce brands and travels the world.

"Use the money you earn to buy experiences instead of letting it rot in your bank." - Shri Kanase

Yoru Marketing - Team Member

Angelica Rentero

Vice President Of Marketing

Born in the bustling city of Manila, Angelica is a born leader she's known to lead teams with her charismatic personality and her bold attitude.

She's had a passion for dealing with people and understanding how they work. That's probably why she got a bachelor's degree in psychology. She's able to eloquently write ad copy for our clients and even does website design for many.

Apart from her creative writing talent, she's able to find unique talent for the team in the Philippines. She's our current manager for all the current (and future) team members over there.

You can spot her eloquently leading our team in terms of marketing or copywriting.

"Things come and go, that's life. You just need to accept what you want and let everything else pass by." - Angelica Rentero

Yoru Marketing Team - Mitchell Tones

Mitchell Tones


Mitchell was born and raised in the UK. From a young age, he had a burning desire to pave his own path and run a business. This led him to start his own Google ads agency.

Flash forward to 2022, I brought on Mitchell after viewing his entire portfolio of wins he had accumulated. And he did things no differently with the clients under Yoru Marketing.

Apart from being a Google ads geek, Mitchell loves his time out with his family and girlfriend. He's more of the relationship person who'll ensure you're happy, not only with the results he provides, but with the service as a whole.

"Never focus on your problems. Focus on your possibilities. The problems will pull you down. The possibilities will push you up." - Mitchell Tones

We like to keep our team small and organized simply because we believe in the art of simplicity. Not only are all our team members some of the best in the world when it comes to Google Ads for eCommerce, but they also directly get trained by Shri Kanase.

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